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Solas and Rubex boating Solas and Rubex boating
  • Lab Finished
  • Perfect Balance
  • Flawlessly Matched Cupping
  • Standard and Counter-Rotating Options
  • Increase Top End Speed and Hole-shot

Solas and Rubex

The Solas and Rubex brands use rubber hubs to dampen both shifts into gear and impacts with submerged objects, softening shock to the prop shaft and the lower unit's other valuable internal parts. For everyday boating, we use squeeze casting to make less porous and stronger aluminum blades, which can therefore be thinner throughout the profile for better efficiency that benefits fuel economy, acceleration and top speed. For boaters with performance in mind, we have high rake stainless steel designs with aggressive, low drag blade profiles and adjustable venting.

New A & B Series Rubex Amita 3 High Thrust HR Titan 3 Solas Adjustable Vent Rubex iPop Lexor New A & B Series Rubex New Saturn Pro L3 Pro L4 S3 Titan Solas Boat Propellers

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Stainless steel aftermarket propellers for inboard ski boats.

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Over 1400 blade choices are offered by Solas for recreational boats with 2.5 to 350 horsepower outboards, inboard/outboards or competitive ski inboards.

Solas and Rubex props are built for performance, durability, corrosion resistance and smoothness. Our stainless steel blades feature the highest chromium, nickel and molybdenum content in the industry and our sheer profile aluminum blades resist salt with a four layer baked finish. In the middle, rubber hubs are preferred to dampen shifts.

Solas and Rubex propellers. Your boating experience, enhanced.

Application Guide for High Thrust Amita 4 Propellers (6 to 20hp outboards).